What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Furniture

What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Furniture

A Reputable Brand

While buying a brand name may not always be essential, established brands have generated hype for a reason. Big industry players such as Ratana, Kettler and Telescope Casual have won the hearts of designers and furniture enthusiasts by not only creating functional and unique designs, but also by ensuring that the best materials are used in order for the furniture to last. Established brands are also more likely to include warranties with their furniture, and you can rely on them for replacement parts and cushions years down the road. 

Durable Frame Material

Get in the right frame of mind before you buy! Go with one of these known-to-last options when choosing your frame materials- if you do, you could be enjoying your new furniture for a lifetime.

  • Resin Wicker- but not just any resin. Be sure to choose HDPE (High density Polyethelene) – it is non porous, dyed all the way through, lightweight, and resists fading and cracking. You DON’T want PVC (polyvinyl chloride) –  this vinyl polymer is low cost, so the price is usually attractive to buyers, but it is less durable and heavier than HDPE; in a short amount of time, it is know to unravel, crack, fade and break down, plus it emits toxic chemicals.
  • Powder-coated aluminum (as opposed to untreated aluminum) - This will prevent against UV rays, moisture, fading, and rust. 
  • Wrought Iron – this heavy duty metal is virtually indestructible. Look for a brand like Kettler, who make products with 5 year warranted, powder coated wrought iron. 

Sunbrella Fabric

Last but not least- say YES to cushions!

Thanks to Sunbrella fabric, you don’t need to be afraid to go for that extra bit of comfort because you’re worried that your kid might mistake your cushion for a painting canvas. Sunbrella is a MUST HAVE when looking for patio furniture with cushions. Sunbrella is the only marine grade material on the market and is built for pretty much anything that mother nature throws your way.



If humidity, rain, wind, snow, etc. are factors in your climate, it is important to protect your investment and cover your outdoor furniture. Look for a water resistant vinyl cover from Treasure Garden or Ratana- you can use these year round with the cushions on the furniture.


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